Wheeling Park Addition

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Duly Entered for Taxation on July 9th, 1928

Plat Map of Wheeling Park Addition

Interactive Map of Wheeling Park Addition

History of Wheeling Park Addition

In 1928, when the Wheeling Park addition was added to the City of Muncie, it was simultaneously 1) the first Muncie addition bordering Wheeling north of Bethel, and 2) the largest Muncie addition bordering Wheeling developed in over 35 years. (reference). In 1929, the City of Muncie annexed the area containing the Wheeling Park Addition ( reference).

Abstract Records

View the first 30 pages of the Wheeling Park Addition Abstract, containing the below records (92.9 MB).
Seller Buyer Date Amount Record
The United States of America John Blackford October 25th, 1833   Deed Record 7, Page 89
John and Elizabeth Blackford Dr. Samuel P. Anthony September 21st, 1843 $400 Deed Record 7, Page 92
Dr. Samuel P. and Emily V. Anthony Joshua R. Lockwood October 21st, 1865 $3200 Deed Record 33, Page 558
Joshua R. and Phebe Lockwood Dr. Samuel P. Anthony October 26st, 1870 $1500 Deed Record 33, Page 695
Dr. Samuel P. Anthony Edwin C. Anthony and Emily V. Anthony September 4th, 1876 inherited Probate Order Book 9, Page 373
Emily V. Anthony Edwin C. Anthony April 18th, 1878 $30,592.85 Probate Order Book 11, Page 124
George L. Lenon (Adm'r of Edwin C. Anthony estate) Rebecca G. Anthony December 8th, 1887 $8,212 Deed Record 60, Page 116
Rebecca G. Anthony Florence V. Swain, Samuel P. Anthony, Charles H. Anthony January 10th, 1911 inherited Probate Order Book 61, Pages 166-168
Samuel P. and Fannie F. Anthony, Florence V. and Elihu H. Swain Charles H. Anthony March 28th, 1898 $40,000 Deed Record 89, Page 269
Emily V. Anthony, Florence V. and Elihu H. Swain, Samuel P. and Fannie F. Anthony Charles H. Anthony January 5th, 1899 $3,000 Deed Record 93, Page 17
Charles H. Anthony Harriett B. Anthony September 17th, 1925 inherited Probate Order Book 93, Page 3
Harriett B. Anthony Burette M. Arthur October 29th, 1927 $1.00 Deed Record 205, Page 143
Burette M. Arthur Harriett B. Anthony November 2nd, 1927 $3,500 Mortgage Record 136, Page 474
Burette M. Arthur Plats Wheeling Park Addition July 9th, 1928   Plat Book 5, Page 28
Burette M. and Lena M. Arthur Harriett B. Anthony October 11th, 1928 $1.00 Deed Record 209, Page 344
Harriett B. Anthony Burette M. Arthur October 11th, 1928 $1.00 Deed Record 209, Page 343


View the Announcement of Burette M. Arthur's new Wheeling Park Addition.


Wheeling Park Addition

Located One Mile North of Muncie on Wheeling Avenue

25 Beautiful Building Sites

These sites are much larger than the average city lot, some as large as half acre. Thirteen of these sites front on Wheeling Avenue, with frontage ranging from 80 to 110 feet.

This addition offers an ideal location for a home away from the city, yet with city advantages. The high-class restrictions protect the buyer against undesirable features.

Three homsites have already been sold and one home is now under construction, with two more to be erected in the near future.

If you are interested in a large homesite away from the city, drive out today and look them over.

Look for the new stone boundary posts and the stone gateway entrance.

Earle H. Swain, Realtor

Selling Agent

Phone 602.



Earle H. Swain, realtor today announces the opening of the B. M. Arthur, Wheeling Park addition located on the west side of Wheeling avenue about one mile north of the city. In this new addition are twenty five building sites of various sizes, several being almost one half acre in size. Thirteen of the twenty-five sites front on Wheeling avenue. Stone boundary posts and a stone gateway entrance have been erected adding to the attractiveness of the addition. Mr. Swain reports that three of the sites have been sold and a home is now under construction with two more to be erected in the near future.

Wheeling Park 2nd Addition

View the Announcement of Wheeling Park Addition's lower lots becoming part of Wheeling Park 2nd Addition.

Petition was approved for the vacation of lots 13 to 20, both inclusive, in Wheeling Park addition, also for the vacation of part of the twenty foot alley adjoining, to make possible the subdividing of the lots involved in the vacation, after which they will be known as part of the Wheeling Park second addition. The addition is on Wheeling avenue.

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Stone Boundary Posts and Gateway Entrance

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Wheeling Park Home

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