Location of Anthony-Northside Historic Gateway Entrance and Boundary Posts

Next ANNA Meeting: Thursday, January 20, at 6:30 PM, in Community Fellowship Church
Meetings every 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months at 6:30pm in Community Fellowship Church.
Attention Anthony-Northside neighborhood residents: Our next neighborhood meeting is Thursday, January 20th at 6:30pm at Community Fellowship Church, located at the NE corner of Oakwood Avenue and Cowing Drive! If you live between McGalliard Road and Bethel Avenue, and between Tillotson Avenue and Wheeling Avenue, this is your neighborhood! Come hear Mayor Dan Ridenour talk about an exciting park opportunity for our neighborhood!

Location of Gateway Landmarks

The gateway monuments are located on the west side of North Wheeling Avenue, on both sides of West Cowing Drive. View on Google Maps.

Location of Northern Boundary Post Landmark

The northern boundary post is located just north of Pizza Hut's parking lot on the west side of North Wheeling Avenue. View on Google Maps.

Location of Southern Boundary Post Landmark

Note the Wheeling Park Addition's announcement says "posts" (i.e. plural). Today, there remains a northern boundary post just north of Pizza Hut's parking lot on Wheeling Avenue. So, where is the southern boundary post? The announcement, of the vacation of Wheeling Park Addition's southern lots to become part of the Wheeling Park 2nd Addition, implies that a southern boundary post would no longer serve as a southern boundary post and, thus, the southern boundary post would've been removed.

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