Anthony-Northside Historic Gateway Entrance

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On October 29th, 1927, internationally-famous Indiana and Muncie promoter Harriett B. Anthony (aka Diamond Heels Hattie), per the deed record, sold 13.45 acres of her inherited land along the west side of Wheeling Pike (the Old Indian Trail) to locally-renowned developer Burette M. Arthur for just $1, to develop a "high class" subdivision "one mile north of Muncie".

On November 2nd, 1927, Burette M. Arthur mortgaged this same 13.45 acres to Harriett B. Anthony in exchange for $3,500.

On July 8th, 1928, Burette M. Arthur's announcement of the "Wheeling Park Addition" contained this wording: "Look for the new stone boundary posts and gateway entrance".

On July 9th, 1928, Burette M. Arthur's platting of the same 13.45 acres as the "Wheeling Park Addition" was duly entered for taxation. At this time, Wheeling Park Addition was simultaneously 1) the first Muncie addition bordering Wheeling north of Bethel, and 2) the largest Muncie addition bordering Wheeling developed in over 35 years (reference).

On January 1st, 1929, the Wheeling Park Addition's first house, "The Wheeling Park House", was announced. Construction on this house began in 1927.

On January 3rd, 1929, Burette M. Arthur paid in full the $3,500 debt and the mortgage was released.

On June 11th, 1929, Muncie's annexation of the land containing Wheeling Park Addition was announced.

Around September 4th, 1929, the Great Depression started in the United States. In 1928-1929 only a total of 3 houses in Wheeling Park Addition had been built, and 1 was under construction.

On July 15th, 1931, lots 13 thru 20 were vacated and became part of the "Wheeling Park 2nd Addition". One of the Wheeling Park Addition's houses built in 1929 became part of the Wheeling Park 2nd Addition. By this time, only 1 more house had been built (the same one that was under construction in 1929 and subsequently built in 1930).

Harriett's Contribution and Landmarks Build Date

In summary, per the above records:

  1. Harriett B. Anthony sold the land for just $1.
  2. The stone gateway entrance and boundary posts were built between October 29th, 1927 and July 8th, 1928.
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