Save History - 11/2/2019 Event

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Saturday, November 2, 2019

The entire city of Muncie is encouraged to participate in Anthony-Northside's
Save ANNA's Neighborhood Entrance: Phase 1
on Saturday, Nov. 2.

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Help ANNA save its neighborhood entrance with a donation:

The Anthony-Northside Neighborhood is the area located between Tillotson Avenue and Wheeling Avenue, and between McGalliard Road and Bethel Avenue (see map)


The Anthony-Northside Neighborhood Association has been diligently working with the City of Muncie and INDOT to preserve its 2 historic stone landmarks located on Wheeling Avenue at West Cowing Drive. The City of Muncie is widening Wheeling and these landmarks will be destroyed if our association does not work together to preserve them for future generations. Unfortunately, Muncie's catalog of historic structures does not list these landmarks. Engineers say we have until the end of 2019 to dismantle and store the stones until November 2020 when construction concludes.

The dismantling and storing of the stones is Phase 1 of Anthony-Northside's "Save ANNA's Neighborhood Entrance" project, which will occur Saturday, November 2nd, 2019 from 9:00am-?.


Diamond Heels Hattie B. Anthony

In 1927, world-famous 'Diamond Heels Hattie' B. Anthony sold this land for $1 to renowned developer Burette M. Arthur to develop the largest subdivision bordering Wheeling Avenue since the 1800's. In 1928, the addition was platted. In the years that followed, other additions along Wheeling were platted. In 1929, Muncie annexed the area including this addition. This is another example of the Anthony family's contributions to Muncie's growth since the pioneer days.


Note: Cowing Drive will be closed between New York Avenue and Wheeling Avenue from 8:00am-2:00pm. Park at the white stucco house south of Pizza Hut, 2501 Wheeling Ave., then walk next door to the house immediately south (NW corner of Wheeling/Cowing).

Meet at the NW corner of Wheeling and Cowing to join a crew and roll up your sleeves! Be sure to take photos. Please email your pictures to Please also post your pictures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with hashtags #SavingHistory and #MuncieANNA. Make your presence known!

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM - Morning Shift

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM - Volunteers' Lunch Break

Volunteers have this hour to relax and grab lunch.

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Afternoon Shift

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Cleanup Shift

6:00 - End of Volunteer Work

Pat yourself on the back! You have been a huge help to The Anthony-Northside Neighborhood Association, Inc. Measure the impact of your volunteer hour(s): the value of one volunteer hour in Indiana is $23.73; total your volunteer value and post on social media with hashtags #SavingHistory and #MuncieANNA!

Crews / Instructions

Due to the number of generators and power tools that may be running simultaneously, it is recommended that all volunteers wear hearing protection.

The following crews of volunteers are needed:

  • Setup Crew
    • Place a trash toter near each of the 2 landmarks.
    • Setup Gate Keepers' table/chairs at NW corner of Wheeling/Cowing, where volunteers will enter. Ensure there are pens, ample copies of each waiver form, and name tags. Ensure a copy of the "Crews / Instructions" is taped to the Gate Keepers' table.
    • Place the Organizers' instruction sheet at the Organizers' station.
    • Place the Wrappers' instruction sheet at the Wrappers' station.
  • Wayfinders
    • Direct volunteers to park at the white stucco house just south of Pizza Hut.
    • Direct volunteers to enter at the Gate Keepers' table at NW corner of Wheeling/Cowing.
    • Direct volunteers to their station(s).
    • Ensure all volunteers are wearing a name tag.
  • Gate Keepers
    • Manage the entrance (Gate Keepers') table at NW corner of Wheeling/Cowing.
    • Ensure all volunteers sign each waiver form and put on a name tag.
    • Direct volunteers to a Wayfinder, to find their station(s).
  • Chiselers
    • Important: Wear protective eye covering, sound protection, gloves and boots.
    • Important: Make sure the stone has its duct-taped ID# on it, before separating it from the wall. If no duct-taped ID#, DO NOT remove it from the wall and, instead, find Aaron.
    • Using a permanent marker, write the duct-taped ID# onto the top of the stone (unless the stone is the top-most stone, then write on the bottom).
    • Use a hammer drill, or rotary hammer drill, to CAREFULLY separate stones from the landmarks.
  • Haulers
    • Important: Wear sound protection and gloves.
    • Important: Make sure 1) the duct-taped ID# matches the permanent-marker-drawn #, and 2) the duct-taped # stays on it.
    • Load duct-taped and permanent-marker-drawn stones from the Chiselers into the wagon that is hitched to the lawn tractor and then follow the tractor to Organizers' station.
  • Organizers
    • Important: Wear gloves.
    • Receive duct-taped and permanent-marker-drawn stones from Haulers and place onto their respective pallets. An Organizers' instruction sheet will be posted, indicating how to organize the stones.
    • Important: If there is no Organizers' instruction sheet posted, or if there are any questions, DO NOT place the stones onto a pallet and, instead, find Aaron.
  • Wrappers
    • Wrap the pallets with stretch wrap. A Wrappers' instruction sheet will be posted, indicating how to wrap the pallets.
    • Important: If there is no Wrappers' instruction sheet posted, or if there are any questions, DO NOT stretch wrap the pallets and, instead, find Aaron.
  • Lunch Crew
    • Prepare lunch break area.
    • Provide lunch instructions to volunteers.
    • Packup lunch break area.
  • Packup Crew
    • Retrieve the Wrappers' instruction sheet from the Wrappers' station.
    • Retrieve the Organizers' instruction sheet from the Organizers' station.
    • Packup Gate Keepers' table/chairs from NW corner of Wheeling/Cowing, where volunteers entered.
    • Clean-up any trash, including any trash on Cowing.
    • Group all trash toters along north edge of Cowing, but not in the street.

Contact Information

To volunteer, please click here to contact us and let us know what time(s) you'd be available on Saturday, November 2, 2019 between 9:00am-6:00pm.

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